Tips For Using Hair Extensions On Short Hair

Hair Extensions On Short Hair

A new hairstyle is one of the best ways of achieving a fresh new look, and hair extensions are an excellent choice that will help you attain that goal. The only thing about extensions is you need to have your hair at a certain length for the extensions to blend in and give you a new and natural look.

When it comes to blending in hair extensions to short hair, the shorter your hair, the more broken up the achieved look. Hair extensions are attached to the hairs on your head using sticky strips or clips. The strips or clips tend to be slightly thicker than the hair extension and can be visible if the extensions are attached to short hair that is less than three to four inches long. Therefore, you should not think of doing hair extensions if your hair is shorter than three inches.  Besides this, here are other important things to remember when using hair extensions for short hair.

Hair Extensions On Short Hair

The Hair Extensions Must Blend

Blending the extensions with your natural hair should be apparent, yet it is something that many extension users overlook. To achieve a perfect blend, work with hair extensions that have the same color as that of your hair. Also, pick extensions that have a suitable length; the longer they are than your natural hair, the harder it will be blending the extensions to achieve a natural look. Stick to extensions that are no more than 20 inches in length.

Do Not Be Quick To Use Synthetic Extensions

Avoid working with synthetic hair extensions, though they may still come in handy if you are looking for something cheaper. Synthetic extensions tend to be harder to style because they are plastic thus cannot be dyed to match your natural hair color. Moreover, the hairs cannot be styled using heat because they are made of plastic. Also, these extensions often get matted when slept in. Besides these issues, synthetic hair extensions only last for around six months which is not the case with human hair extensions that can go for well over a year.

Always Style After Clipping In The Extensions

Styling your hair extensions will be a breeze if you opt to use human hair extensions; you can use a hair dryer, flat iron, or curling iron to work on your hair to achieve the desired look. However, clip-in hair extensions are a better choice as opposed to those that use sticky strips. The clip in extensions are robust enough to have an up-do or braids.

Layer Your Extensions For Advanced Styling

Whether you have short or long hair, layering your hair extensions can be a challenge more so if you have short hair and are using synthetic hair extensions. You will achieve a thick and unnatural look if the extension wefts are attached unevenly. Doing complicated cuts and styles calls for having your hair done by an experienced hairdresser. The stylist will layer the extensions, cutting the right lengths that will muffle any significant difference in length between the extensions and your natural hair to blend in the extension and achieve a natural and beautiful look.